Denizciler Foundry was established in 1978 as an ordinary partnership with the partnerships of Umur Denizci, Ozden Denizci and Ozkal Denizci. Aiming to meet the domestic market’s need for quality cast iron castings in these years, the company became a joint stock company in 1982 and started to manufacture ductile iron and steel casting parts in 1986 with the start of using an induction furnace in the melting process.

In 1989, production started in July 1990 in the 2000m2 factory building built on a 5000 m2 land purchased in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone.

In 2012, it moved to Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone and continues production in a 15.000 m2 factory building built on a 25.000 m2 land. As a result of the investments made in the production area after this year, Denizciler Foundry has mechanized molding and automatic casting production lines that can produce 14.000 tons of various casting parts per year and a distinguished staff to manage and direct them.

With more than 45 years of experience, the company produces high quality gray and ductile iron castings. The parts produced are mainly used in the machinery industry, water and hydraulic pumps, construction industry and agricultural machinery. Our goal is high product quality, customer satisfaction and solving the casting needs and problems of our customers.

As DENİZCİLER DÖKÜMCÜLÜK SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş., our goal is to increase our productivity and competitiveness in the world market by following and applying technological developments, to produce products in accordance with world standards in line with management systems while protecting respect for the environment.

Since the day it was founded, the company has been growing by continuous investment and improvement in order to better fulfill the increasing customer demands and to provide faster and higher quality service. Model, all kinds of mechanical testing, zinc plating, painting, machining and heat treatment services are provided. We also have a separate place to stock our customers’ models.