With 3 automatic molding lines, 2 semi-automatic molding lines working with furan resin system and 1 hand molding line, we produce high quality Ductile and Cast Iron Parts.

As Denizciler Foundry;

7200 kg/h 3250Kw,4500 kg/h 2750kw,1500 kg/h 800kw induction furnace with melting and holding and 1000 kg/h melting unit with 600kw induction furnace

In order to produce parts with different features and sizes, there are 6 molding lines in our facility.

  • 1 Hunter HMP20G (USA) 508x610x400 mm 100 Degrees/hour
  • DISA MATCH 600x700x500mm 120 Degree/hour
  • DISA MATCH 508x610x400 mm 120 Degree/hour
  • Fully automatic sand plant, 2 Hartley sand quality control devices
  • Omega 10-ton mixer and semi-automatic line with a capacity of 12 degrees per hour 800x1200x500
  • Omega 35 ton mixer floor mold 4*5*5 meter
  • Wöhr 35-ton mixer and fully automatic with a capacity of 18 degrees per hour 1400x2250x120

The plant includes a Sand Plant and Core Shop to support all molding lines. The molding sand for the key components of the casting is prepared in our fully automated sand plants to ensure a consistent molding process. Our fully automated sand preparation plants are PLC controlled and ensure the best possible results in terms of surface quality of our castings. Samples are taken manually and cross-checked in our quality laboratory to ensure that the desired properties in terms of compressibility, wet strength and moisture are met in each batch.


As Denizciler Foundry; we support our molding lines with the ability to produce cores in various sizes and quantities. According to the casting requirement demanded by our customers, different types of basic materials such as CO2 Sand, Furan Resin Sand, Chromite Sand, Shell Mold Sand are used for core production. Depending on the desired feature, hot or cold core processes are carried out with our machines listed below.

  • 3 80lt capacity cold core (CO2 + Carbophen) machines
  • 2 60lt capacity cold core (CO2 + Carbophen) machines
  • 4 25lt capacity cold core (CO2 + Carbophen) machines
  • 10 5lt capacity cold core (CO2 + Carbophen) machines
  • 4 2lt capacity hot sand and shell sand core machines


Starting from the melting process, all production stages are carefully controlled and recorded with quality control methods and devices in accordance with today’s technology.