Denizciler Foundry is a global company that determines risks and opportunities within the framework of customer needs with the understanding of process approach to keep sustainable quality understanding and customer satisfaction at the highest level with modern and modern production technologies, adopts the philosophy of continuous development as a company culture, and ensures the most rational use of the resources needed in this direction.

Our company, which protects the environment, respects nature and has adopted the basic principles of sustainable foundry, is an organization that uses all its facilities for the most economical use of natural resources and all kinds of energy resources in order to fulfill its environmental awareness and compliance obligations. It is our commitment to keep potential environmental risks at the most reasonable level, to encourage the reduction and/or reuse of waste, and to fully fulfill our responsibilities determined by legal regulations and laws.

Our company has the understanding of a company that fully complies with legal regulations, requirements and other rules determined in order to provide an environment where our employees, who are our main asset, feel safe with Occupational Health and Safety practices, ensures their continuity, eliminates hazards and reduces possible risks, and reinforces its commitment to the philosophy of continuous development with our employees while fulfilling these responsibilities through trainings at all levels.

Our aim is to leave a livable world for future generations.