• Honesty and Fairness

Denizciler Dökümcülük employees must act honestly and fairly in all matters to all persons and institutions with whom they have relations. The name of our company is a source of pride for us and should evoke a sense of trust in everyone we are in contact with.

  • Customer Satisfaction

It is part of Denizciler Foundry’s goals and culture to fully understand, comprehensively assess and respond to the needs of its customers and to live in a customer-oriented manner.

  • Innovation

Denizciler Dökümcülük employees find and implement innovations to make its products, services, ways of doing business and processes more effective and efficient for both company employees and customers.

  • Respect for the Individual

As Denizciler Dökümcülük family, care is taken to create an environment where everyone will contribute to the creation of an environment of trust that respects the private lives of individuals, where fair, constructive and different ideas are freely expressed.

  • Transparency

Denizciler Dökümcülük adopts a transparent and accountable management style and practices are shaped accordingly.

  • Environmental Awareness

It is important for us that the company, its suppliers and business partners take care not to harm the environment in their work.

  • Teamwork

Denizciler Dökümcülük adopts a culture of working together to be a successful organization and to meet the changing needs of customers. Employees are expected to bring all their skills and knowledge to the company through both individual and team work.

  • Productivity

Our company sets its goals and plans the work in the most accurate and efficient way possible in order to achieve results and work in the most efficient way.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Denizciler Dökümcülük has adopted the principle of voluntarily contributing to a better society and environment.